Treasure full of gold and gems reveals the legendary “city of gold”. ​

A huge valuable treasure unearthed in Columbia has been determined to be related to El Dorado, the legendary “city of gold”.
According to Acient Origins, eight ceramic vases containing many precious artifacts were discovered at an ancient temple near Colombia’s capital Bogotá. Inside each vase are many artifacts made of gold, silver, and most notably, carefully crafted emeralds.

Some artifacts were revealed – Photo: Francisco Correa

Antiquities are not only valuable in the precious materials they are made of or their centuries of time, but could be great discoveries that help scientists discover the lost “golden city” of El Dorado.

The treasure was determined to belong to the “Muisca people”, the indigenous people who resided in the “city of gold” from 800 AD until the Spanish invasion in 1537. During the centuries of rule Ruling here, the Muisca people built an extremely wealthy land thanks to salt exploitation and the production of “excellent” fabrics. Thanks to that, they have a luxurious life in gold, silver and regularly import green emeralds mined from nearby mountains.

Emerald is a green mineral of many different shades, favored by Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations since 2000 BC, exchanged as a high-class currency for merchants. special services and jewelry making for aristocrats…

One of the vases includes – Photo: Francisco Correa

One of the four “high” civilizations of South America alongside the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas, the Muisca people were famous for their advanced metallurgical skills, producing jewel-encrusted gold and silver artifacts beautiful emerald. The capital of the empire is a great “golden city”, home to unparalleled treasures that have never been found by either the Spanish invading armies or modern archaeological teams.

The emeralds are said to come from the “city of gold” – Photo: Francisco Correa

According to Live Science, the above treasure was discovered thanks to a survey led by famous Columbia archaeologist Francisco Correa, who specializes in surveying locations before constructing large projects. He describes that the gold and silver treasures were crafted into the shapes of snakes and several other animals.

This area is an ancient temple and tomb site, identified as related to but not part of the “golden city”. But archaeologists hope the site will offer valuable clues that will lead the way to that legendary city.

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