The world’s first rare pure gold jewelry was found

Archaeologists recently discovered a 6,600-year-old pendant in Europe’s oldest prehistoric town. This may be the world’s oldest jewelry.

The jewelry was discovered during an excavation at the Solnitsata archaeological site in the Varna region of Bulgaria. Archaeologists believe the area may have been part of a high-class prehistoric society, one of the first to produce gold goods.

The tiny pendant weighed about 2 grams and belonged to a man or woman of high social status. This jewelry is probably a specimen of the art of jewelry making that was developing at that time.

Archeology discovers 24-carat gold jewelry in Bulgaria

Several other gold artifacts were also found at sites around the Bulgarias Varna area. In 1972, several gold jewelry samples were also discovered near Varna Necropolis, 23 miles east of Provadia.

Professor Nikolov believes that the entire northern region of Bulgaria may have been inhabited by a prehistoric society. He added: “This is a territory where a highly developed civilization existed. There was a copper and gold processing center near Lake Varna and here, the prehistoric settlement of Solnitsata once worked as a profession.” salt mining. This society developed in about 200 – 300 years”.

At this time, salt may also have been used as a rudimentary form of currency before the emergence of gold and other metals. The jewelry only suddenly emerged after the exploration of the Solnitsata area. Scientists analyzed the skeletons there and found that people living here used to drink cow’s milk before society began using cow’s milk in exchange for food.

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