Suspicious details make the Egyptian pyramid suspected of being built by aliens

Many Egyptian pyramids remain almost intact after thousands of years. Some features of the pyramid are so perfect that some people suspect it is related to aliens.

Dozens of Egyptian pyramids stand the test of time. These works are considered a lifetime achievement of ancient Egyptian civilization. Over thousands of years of history, these magnificent works make posterity curious because of many mysteries. Among these is that the pyramids in Egypt were built in an incredibly magnificent and perfect way.

In ancient times, Egyptian civilization was limited in technology. However, the ancients only used rudimentary tools to transport 2.3 million blocks of stone with a total weight of 5.9 million tons. Each block of stone weighs from 2 – 30 tons.

Some blocks even weigh up to 50 tons. The next unbelievable thing is that the entire block of stone was polished, smooth and flat by the ancient Egyptians with high precision.

From here, experts were extremely curious about what tools and means the ancients used to get perfect stone blocks that fit tightly together without using mortar. Even sheets of paper cannot pass through the walls of the pyramid.

More mysterious, the Great Pyramid of Giza is curious because it is located at the intersection of the longest meridian and longest latitude in the world.

According to measurements by experts, the three large pyramids at the Giza complex form a perfect straight line on the ground and lie directly with the three belt stars of the Orion constellation.


Not only that, the Giza pyramid faces exactly the northernmost point of the Earth. This project faces the North Pole more accurately than any other project in the world. This makes researchers curious as to why the ancient Egyptians were able to calculate and choose the location to build the pyramid so perfectly.

Because exact solutions to the above mysteries have not yet been found, one theory is that aliens may have “taught” modern technology to the ancient Egyptians to build the pyramids. Survive with time.

Conspiracy theorists even believe that aliens visit Earth and use modern technology and equipment to build pyramids.

However, scientists have not yet found any evidence to prove that aliens are real. However, they did not give up trying to find evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations as well as pyramids.

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