Poland mobilizes bomb squad to search for “treasure” ship

Poland said it would send a team of military explosives experts to the area suspected of hiding the Nazi “treasure” ship.

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Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak on September 1 agreed to use military personnel to carry out reconnaissance missions in the “suspect” area.

According to the Guardian, the team of military explosives experts will begin work in the coming days and the Polish Ministry of Defense made this move after a request from local authorities in the southwestern region of Poland – where it is believed is holding the Nazi “treasure” ship.

After the Polish government first confirmed the existence of the “treasure” ship, which had previously been only mysterious rumors, more treasure hunters flocked to the area and searched the forests of Poland. Walbrzych town near the Czech border.

According to Polish Army Spokesperson Jacek Sonta, the army will decide whether to participate further in the search or not depending on whether they can clearly determine the information spread in the media recently.

On August 31, local officials spoke up to quash speculation about finding a “treasure” ship. They affirmed that the newly obtained documents about the location of the missing ship were not very reliable and were similar to speculation over the past decades.

According to previous rumors, the Nazi ship loaded with valuables disappeared in the area around the town of Walbrzych about 70 years ago after leaving Wroclaw as German troops withdrew from the area.

The Polish government last week called on the crowd to stop ransacking the above area, and warned that there was a possibility that the ship contained explosives inside.

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