“Paracas-Necropolis: Treasures of Topará Culture”

A SENSATIONAL DISCOVERY CHANGES EVERYTHING: Traces of a mysterious civilization, technologically superior and ahead of its time, hid a dark secret, and then suddenly disappeared…

“Free Bosnia” continues the series from history.

Our today’s story takes you to distant Peru, to the place of origin of a mysterious civilization. Back in 1899, the famous archaeologist Max Uhle began excavations on the coastal part of Peru. Colleagues were convinced that they would not find anything more precious than an old bone in the wasteland that seemed extremely unsuitable for life.

The German and his team continued the work day after day, until under their shovels magnificent building complexes were resurrected.

The proud scientist presented to the public evidence of the existence of a previously unknown civilization, the mysterious Moche people.

This pre-Columbian Indian culture, more than 2,000 years old, was named after the local toponym, the Moche River, and later excavations showed that it was technologically very advanced. Namely, the Moche Indians managed to build impressive step pyramids, such as the famous Temple of the Sun, and to tame mountain rapids with a complex system of canals.

In addition, they made art objects of incredible beauty, often from expensive materials such as gold, mother-of-pearl and turquoise, and their vessels and frescoes with explicit erotic scenes are widely known. They ruled this area sovereignly from the first to the eighth century, and their disappearance is still shrouded in mystery. They disappeared long before the arrival of Europeans, and some experts speculate that frequent floods in that region doomed them.
The dark side of this brilliant civilization is connected precisely with the floods: the offering of human sacrifices. It is assumed that human sacrifices were made on the ancient pyres in order to propitiate the bloodthirsty deities and save the people from natural calamities. Their lives were taken by the high priests: after their throats were cut, their blood was collected in golden chalices, which probably symbolized the Sun

Their sudden disappearance has never been fully explained to this day.

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