Million dollar treasure discovered off the coast of Florida ​

A treasure trove of Spanish gold coins worth $4.5 million has just been discovered off the coast of Vero in Florida – USA.

According to Reuters news agency on August 19, divers working for 1715 Fleet – Queens Jewels Company discovered the above treasure on July 30 and 31. They include 350 gold coins, including 9 extremely rare coins made specifically for Spanish King Phillip V. in the early 18th century.

Mr. Brent Brisben, owner of 1715 Fleet – Queens Jewels, said that before the nine royal coins mentioned above were found, there were only 20 coins of the same type left in the world. Each coin of this type is estimated to be worth up to 300,000 USD. Previously, in June, the company’s divers discovered 50 coins with a total value of up to 1 million USD nearby.

According to Mr. Brisben, the above gold coins are part of a treasure worth at least $400 million that a convoy of 11 ships transported from Havana – Cuba to Spain before they were sunk by a storm off the coast of Florida. 300 years ago. According to US law, the Florida state government will receive 20% of the value of treasure discovered off the coast of this area.

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