Explore Ghost Town Hashima – a mysterious place in the world called “Edge Island”

Ghost Town Hashima

Hashima, which means ‘Edge Island’ is also known as the battle ship Island (From the skyline, the island looks like a battleship). It’s one of the 505 Island that has no humans on it. And it’s about 15 km away from the Japanese city Nagaski. The island is not inhabited at the moment, but that was different back in 1974.

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In 1890 the island was bought to get coal from the sea. Around the island was made a stone wall to protect the island against typhoons and the sea. A city rised from the ground to give the employees a place to live. For a short while, the island was one of the most crowded places on earth. But in the 70’s the question for coal became less and less so they had to close the mines and get everyone off he island. Ever since it has been a ghost town.

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